Amiga 500 side expansion slot

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The New HC508CR 68HC000 50MHz accelerator for Amiga 500 is ...

The New HC508CR 68HC000 50MHz accelerator for Amiga 500 is ... The expansion slot on the side of Amiga 500 is a Zorro kind of slot. In the Amigaworld it is known for being a backward Zorro connector which you find in the bigbox Amiga’s like Amiga 2000, Amiga 3000 and Amiga 4000. Amiga 500, Hard Disk ? - Lemon Amiga Forum There were hard disks available for the a500 but they were external and will probably be pretty rare and expensive. As you can see from the picture the connected to the left side expansion slot of the a500. Im not sure what sizes were available but if you google for 'a590 hard disk' you'll get more info.

Commodore Amiga 500 An Amiga 500 computer system, with 1084S RGB monitor and second A1010 floppy disk drive Release date 1987 Discontinued 1991 EN

Powering up the past: Ars goes hands-on ... The Amiga 500 was built ... there's a peripheral bus slot on the left side. The bus allowed expansion of the system ... Installation of 2.04 ROM Into An Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000

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Amiga Expansion Bus A.K.A Zorro I pinout and wiring @ old ... Pinout of Amiga Expansion Bus A.K.A Zorro IThese are the connections found at the side of the Amiga 1000 and Amiga 500 computers. They are electric and mechanical ... A600 1MB CHIP RAM MEMORY EXPANSION (AMIGA 600), Amiga Kit ... Boost your Commodore Amiga 600 chip memory to a full 2MB with this expansion. Installation is straight forward process: simply slot the A600™ memory expansion into ... Amiga 500 ATA hard disk interface - John Tsiombikas ... Amiga 500 ATA hard disk interface. ... This is an ATA hard disk interface board, for the Amiga 500. ... on the Zorro expansion port on the left side of the amiga, ... Amiga 1200 | Amipedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

PCMCIA slot; The 16-bit Type II PCMCIA card slot on the left-hand side of the A600 can be used for a selection of upgrades for the A600. Newer 32-bit CardBus or PC Cards are however incompatible. Available expansions for the A600's PCMCIA card slot include: 1-4MB PCMCIA SRAM Card - This will give the A600 1-4MB of Fast ram.

Amiga 500 - Wikipedia Up to 8 MB of so-called "fast RAM" (memory that can be accessed by the CPU only) can be added using the side expansion slot. This connector is electronically identical with the Amiga 1000's, but swapped on the other side. The Amiga 500 has a "trap-door" slot on the underside for a RAM upgrade (typically of 512 KiB). This extra RAM is classified ... Amiga Hardware Database - Amiga 500 Expansion slots. 1× trapdoor expansion slot 1× side expansion connector. The trapdoor slot on the A500 is designed for memory expansion cards. The A500 supports 512 kB and the A500 Plus supports 1 MB RAM via this slot. The 86 pin side expansion connector can be used for Fast RAM expansions, hard disk controllers and even for processor boards. Amiga 500 | Amipedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia The Amiga 500, also known as the A500, was the first “low-end” Commodore Amiga 16/32-bit multimedia home/personal computer. It was announced at the winter Consumer Electronics Show in January 1987, at the same time as the high-end Amiga 2000, and competed directly against the Atari 520ST. Adventures in Amiga Land — Adding a Graphics Card to the ...